Synergy is the power

HOPI has been a long-term reliable partner of international retail chains in the supply of food products.

Take advantage of the opportunity to consolidate small deliveries and join us.

Greater joint volume leads to lower costs and helps you to better conquer the administration of entering partner logistics systems.

What we can offer

Know how for Import

We have the know how for importing goods, which our qualified team will also handle for you. We can process for you import administration, customs procedures, we have considerable capacity in customs warehousing and related services. We handle and stick the stamps and excise duty agenda. We will provide expert translation of labels and labelling of goods, all guaranteed and in compliance with Czech and European legislation.

Excellent Logistics

We are part of HOPI, a logistics company with huge storage capacity in all temperature regimes (ambient, chilled, frozen) with downstream services (customs, QA management, VAS, labeling) and transport. The Hopi Group’s operations are certified, we have IFS Logisitc certificates, we are certified for Organic operations and of course ISO certified. In the field of logistics services, the HOPI Group is one of the market leaders you can rely on.

Synergies lead to savings

Our business partners are international chain customers with demanding and complex logistics. For smaller manufacturers and distributors, we offer the possibility to combine business activities and exploit synergies with our delivery to large central warehouses. You will eliminate the considerable administrative burden, the need for notifications, the often difficult pallet management and, in addition, the transport to the warehouse will be cheaper.

Central purchasing of raw materials

For HOPI’s food production division (AD Finedine or Perfect Canteen) we provide the purchase of production raw materials. We welcome your offers for dried tomatoes, rapeseed oil, olives, peppers, hot peppers, a range of dairy products, meat, cold cuts, fresh vegetables, colonial, consumables, cleaning products, etc. Our network of canteens or production is extensive, but your deliveries would be directed to one place in the warehouses in Jazlovice.

What we currently demand

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David Vrátný

Director of the company